​Hiring the best tree removal service is key

Residential Tree Removal

With over 15 years of experience serving the residents of San Luis Obispo, Slo Tree services has the equipment and know-how to deliver the best and safest service to your home.

Removing a tree is incredibly dangerous with many moving parts and our staff is 100% trained and certified in all equipment and safety precautions needed to get the job done properly.

​Whatever the reason to remove the tree off of your property, the job should never be done by you or a non-professional. Certain measures need to be taken and the company you work with should be a professional, licensed tree care company.

Re​asons for tree removal

  • ​The tree is dead, diseased, and cannot be saved
  • ​The tree is leaning towards yours or your neighbors property
  • ​The tree has outgrown its available area
  • The branches are rubbing against roofs, lines, or other utilities
  • ​A storm has damaged the tree
  • Roots are causing major damage on sidewalks, sewer lines, or property

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We offer the best tree care service in the area. We never settle for second best and we aim to deliver only the best service to our clients and your satisfaction is our top priority. It's what we do and are proud to do so.

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